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Blockchain Wallet [TRUSTED]

In the world of storing Bitcoin and Ether, one of the most world popuplar its the Blockchain one! It actually has more than 15 million of addresses, a statistic that does not surprise anyone, given the features it has, such as its ease of use, security and flexibility.

What’s the Blockchain Wallet?

The Blockchain wallet is a digital platform for the storage and handling of cryptocurrency, developed by the Luxembourg company of the same name. This wallet is available for both the web and mobile devices and facilitates the bitcoin and Ether transfer process. Among its main features, include:

  • A “Security Center integrated.
  • Associations with exchanges so that you can buy and sell crypto currencies directly from the Blockchain wallet in an easy and fast way.
  • Flexibility to adjust commissions per transaction according to your priorities.

Supported with:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web

How much it costs?

Using this Blockchain wallet doesn’t have any costs.

Only you have to pay the fees from your transactions.

Which crypto currencies can be saved?

  • Bitcoin
  • Ether

How secure is the Blockchain Wallet?

The Blockchain walletis designed to make sea safe and easy to use. In this sense, the purse has security features that protect and protect one in a good way. If one wants to know about the security of the purse, on the board of it you can visit the “Security Center”

The block chain of the purse structure of security levels, giving users a way to see how safe it is and thus decide on additional features. This is the breakdown:

Level One

  • Verification by Email. After verifying your Email Address it gives a permission to Blockchain to send you codes to confirm your payments, or if there’s a suspicious activity on your account. This is not optional, due it’s required to complete your sign up and be able to configurate your Blockchain Wallet.
  • Password Phrase. A secret passphrase is created so that the account can be recovered in case the password is lost. The need for this option is the company’s commitment to user privacy, the reason why we do not have access to one’s password.
  • Password Hint. Works as a reminder if you forgot your password.

Level Two

  • 2 Step Verification. Activating this measure means that you must enter a code that Blockchain will send to the phone each time you try to log in.
  • Linking your Phone Number. Linking the phone number. If you link your cell phone number, you can access the account with the correct password.

Level Three

  • Blocking Tor Request. With this option, the IP addresses coming from the Tor network will be blocked, the tool to navigate in the anonymous form, with which it will be related to the hackers, although it is also used for people who are concerned about privacy.

Where i can get this wallet?

You can easily can get your wallet on Blockchain.info

or clicking the image down below!

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