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Recent news about cryptocurrencies

Binance Launches Sub-Account Support for Institutional Clients

According to the official announcement, the master account controls the asset movement between the subsidiary accounts and grants each of them different permissions and access levels. Each account will have a unique set of API limits, which allows each account user to trade with more freedom and higher capacity. Binance’s master …

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Bitcoin (BTC): Is Mining Death Spiral a Reality?

A MarketWatch opinion piece published on Monday rekindled fears about a scenario where Bitcoin (BTC) crashes to zero due to miners throwing in the towel and leaving the network without computation. However, the crypto community came up with an explanation of why a complete network freeze is not likely. Since 2013, Bitcoin …

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SEC Chairman Wants to See Additional Improvements in the Market Before Approving Crypto ETFs

This year, crypto enthusiasts witnessed the rejection of several cryptocurrency exchange-traded fund (ETF) proposals by the US Securities Exchange Commission. The regulatory body for the capital market based its decisions on security concerns and lack of regulations. The Consensus: Invest 2018 conference, hosted by CoinDesk on November 27, indicated that little has …

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Calastone Announces Fund Network Blockchain Transformation

Calastone provides middle and back-office services to firms, aiding them in selling funds and capital through financial advisors and banks. Currently, the monthly load of the system is estimated at processing more than 9 million messages (worth around $220 billion). The move will be made possible via Calastone’s new Distributed Market …

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Satoshi Nakamoto Breaks Silence on P2P Foundation

Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin and by extension the father of cryptocurrencies, has reappeared after a four-year silence to utter only one single word: nour. The update appeared on his P2P Foundation page where he famously distributed the whitepaper that gave birth to the concept of trustless distributed ledger systems. …

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US Treasury Connects Bitcoin Addresses to Indicted Ransomware Payment Seekers

For the first time, the US Treasury’s closer scrutiny of Bitcoin’s network for criminal purposes has yielded public results. Bitcoin addresses have been connected to indicted ransomware hackers. Ali Khorashadizadeh and Mohammad Ghorbaniyan helped convert their extorted cryptocurrency into Iranian rial, and they used several exchanges for that purpose. The ransomware for this …

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