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GR8 Pay2Click [PAYING]

Gr8 Pay2Click Service! As it name says the Owner & Creator of GR8 Faucet script & other useful services has his own PTC Service! The way of earning on this site is just clicking on START EARNING NOW!   As the image shows, you need to have a FaucetHub account, to be …

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Bitcoin (BTC): Is Mining Death Spiral a Reality?

A MarketWatch opinion piece published on Monday rekindled fears about a scenario where Bitcoin (BTC) crashes to zero due to miners throwing in the towel and leaving the network without computation. However, the crypto community came up with an explanation of why a complete network freeze is not likely. Since 2013, Bitcoin …

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SEC Chairman Wants to See Additional Improvements in the Market Before Approving Crypto ETFs

This year, crypto enthusiasts witnessed the rejection of several cryptocurrency exchange-traded fund (ETF) proposals by the US Securities Exchange Commission. The regulatory body for the capital market based its decisions on security concerns and lack of regulations. The Consensus: Invest 2018 conference, hosted by CoinDesk on November 27, indicated that little has …

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5 Interesting Bitcoin Stories

Bitcoin has been around for quite some time now. However, compared to humanity’s long history with money, cryptocurrency is in its infancy. While many people are already very familiar with Bitcoin, more people still have some learning to do. This has lead to some pretty interesting stories about people interacting …

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US Treasury Connects Bitcoin Addresses to Indicted Ransomware Payment Seekers

For the first time, the US Treasury’s closer scrutiny of Bitcoin’s network for criminal purposes has yielded public results. Bitcoin addresses have been connected to indicted ransomware hackers. Ali Khorashadizadeh and Mohammad Ghorbaniyan helped convert their extorted cryptocurrency into Iranian rial, and they used several exchanges for that purpose. The ransomware for this …

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